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The Turkish lira (Turkish: Türk Lirası) is the currency of Turkey. The lira is subdivided into 100 Kuruş. The symbol is TL and the ISO 4217 code is TRL. The lira was introduced in 1844. It replaced the kuruş as the principal unit of currency, with the kuruş continuing to circulate as a subdivision of the lira, with 100 kuruş = 1 lira. The para also continued to be used, with 40 para = 1 kuruş. Until the 1930s, the Arabic script was used on Turkish coins and banknotes, with پاره for para, غروش for kuruş and ليرا for lira (تورك ليراسي for "Turkish lira"). In European languages, the kuruş was known as the piastre, whilst the lira was known as the livre in French. Learn more.
1 Turkish Lira = 0.0483 $USD, 0.0452 Euro
Sources: The Currency data is taken from Central Bank of Europe. The data is updated twice a day (it is cached). Alternatively, you can use the google currency check to get this information. If you are trading with Turkey, it is important to note the Central Bank of Turkey exchange rates. Designed by OMC.
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100 USD (United State... - $) = 2070.94 TRY
100 JPY (Japan 日本 - 円) = 14.84 TRY
100 BGN (Българ... - лев) = 1131.19 TRY
100 DKK (Denmark - kr) = 297.04 TRY
100 GBP (England - £) = 2560.49 TRY
100 PLN (Polska - zł) = 487.65 TRY
100 RON (România - L) = 445.19 TRY
100 SEK (Sverige - kr) = 190.27 TRY
100 CHF (Suisse - Fr) = 2275.18 TRY
100 CHF (Liechtenstein - Fr) = 2275.18 TRY
100 NOK (Norge - kr) = 184.3 TRY
100 TRY (Türkiye - TL) = 99.96 TRY
100 AUD (Australia - AUD$) = 1341.09 TRY
100 CAD (Canada - CAD$) = 1517.21 TRY
100 CNY (China 中国 - ¥) = 291.39 TRY
100 HKD (Hong Kong (C... - HK$) = 264.34 TRY
100 INR (India - Rs) = 25.04 TRY
100 SGD (Singapore - S$) = 1529.27 TRY
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